Carrigan Meadows 3rd Waverly, MN

Carrigan Meadows 3rd Addition

We have started taking reservations for Carrigan Meadows. To place a reservation, call contact Arcon Development, Inc. at 866-835-4981. The following are the terms of purchase for purchasing lots in Carrigan Meadows.

Terms of Purchase

Pre-Sold Homes and One Model Home per Builder
1) $2,500.00 Down, Balance to Mortgage at 10% for 120 days OR
2) $2,500.00 Down, Balance due in 30 Days.

Spec Homes:
1) $2,500.00 Down, Balance due in 30 Days.

Builders will have 10 days from reserving the lot to sign a Purchase Agreement with Arcon Development. If this is not done within the 10-day period the lot will automatically go back on the market.




Carrigan Meadows 3rd Addition

Covenant Synopsis

NOTE: This is a condensed overview of some of the provisions in the recorded covenant documents and

shall be for information purposes only.


Home Size Requirements

  • Minimum two (2) car attached garage required
  • Single Floor or Rambler Style Home - Must have a minimum of 1,000 square feet of living area on the main floor
  • Two-Story Home - Must have a minimum of 1,600 square feet of finished living area. Decks and porches in front of the structure may be counted in the total provided they do not exceed 100 square feet.
  • Split-Level Style Home - Not Less than 960 square feet finished living space on the upper level.
  • One and One/Half or Modified Two-Story Home - Must have a minimum of 1, 500 square feet finished living area above grade

All structures constructed or placed on the property shall be completely finished on the exterior, thereof, within nine (9) months after commencement of construction.

Exterior Materials

  • Front Exterior - Except on homes where a distinct architectural style would lend the use of brick out of character, all homes shall have brick on some portion of their street facade. Brick wainscoting is discouraged. The placement of brick should act as an architectural element and not to simply provide a "paste-on-decor" appearance. Where cedar, redwood, stone or stucco is used on the front of a home, brick is not required. 6" trim boards and 8" columns, detailed window and door trim and creative roof designs are all suggested as architectural elements of each home.
  • Side and Rear Exterior - May be maintenance-free siding materials

Roofing Requirements

  • Light shades of asphalt shingles such as off-white or silver are prohibited.
  • The roof lines for all homes must have a minimum 6/12 pitch (excluding porch areas). Gable ends facing streets shall be at least 7/12 pitch with the exception of 3-car garages which may have a 6/12 roof pitch.

Fencing Requirements

  • Black or green vinyl-coated chain link or wire type fencing is allowed but shall not exceed 4 feet in height. Wood fences shall not exceed 6 feet in height.

Landscape Requirements

Unless otherwise approved by the Archetictural Contol Committee, sod is required on the entire yard. The City of Waverly is requiring four trees to be planted on each lot.

All Home Plans Must Be Approved by the Architectural Review Committee.